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Our Aim

"The Showman has been created to help people make more memories in their life. Our drive in events are a place where families, couples or friends can come together to laugh, smile and most importantly, make memories that they will cherish forever.


If your life was a movie, would you watch it? I really hope people leave our drive-in events feeling inspired to go out and go to more events that will create beautiful memories and stories. There is nothing more beautiful than pure storytelling." - Director of Showman Cinema


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Chose between our range of drive-in movies. February is all about romcoms  and date night films!

Enjoy The Experience

Enjoy our pre-film show experiences, win prizes and get emersed in your favourite movies!

Make Memories

Take your family, loved ones, or significant other to an event they will remember!  

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The Showman Experience

A Safe, Intimate, And Personal Way To Enjoy Events!

What You Get?

You get A perfect day out for you, your family, loved ones, or a date that you really want to impress.

You get to have more than just a film showing you get a film experience; Costumes, decorations and preshow entertainment!

You get to watch your favourite film without someone kicking the back of your chair or talking through the best bits.

Why We Do It?

Because we understand that in these times it's hard to find something fun, interesting and safe to do.

Because we want to create a special and personal experience that people will remember for the rest of their lives!

Because we believe that everyone needs a sense of normality after the events of 2020, even if just for a short time.

We have created memories for thousands of couples, families, and friends already. Check our reviews out.

What You Get When You

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Early access to events and product releases.
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While we love putting on a good show, we don’t want to risk your safety so we have measures in place at our screenings to make sure the only thing you go home with is a smile on your face.

We’ve collated a number of Frequently Asked Questions that cover how this new cinema experience will work.

If you have any queries or questions please contact us view our contact form on this website or email us at


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